Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Department of English

BA (Hons.) in English

Financial Assistance (Tuition Fee Waiver) policy has been proposed considering following objectives:

1. To encourage the meritorious students having academic excellence in SSC and HSC level who will represent English Department of ASAUB in the job market in home and abroad;

2. To motivate the students in their studies to maintain a minimum result in BA (Hons.) in English program after enrollment;

3. To increase the number of student enrollment in BA (Hons.) in English Program.

A. Tuition Fee Waiver based on SSC & HSC Results:

Sl. No. SSC & HSC Result Waiver on Tuition Fees (%) Tuition Fee Waiver* (Tk.) Total Cost(Tk.) Required CGPA in BA (Hons.) in English (out of 4.00) for continuing Tuition Fee Waiver*
R1. GPA 5.00 in both SSC & HSC (without 4th Subject) 100% 2,52,000 29,000 3.75 to above
R2. GPA 5.00 in both SSC & HSC (with 4th subject) 50% 1,26,00 1,55,000 3.60-3.74
R3. Total GPA 9.00 of SSC & HSC (with 4th subject) 40% 1,0800 1,80,200 3.50-3.59
R4. Total GPA 8.00 of SSC & HSC (with 4th subject) 30% 75,600 2,05,400 3.35-3.49
R5. Total GPA 7.00 of SSC & HSC (with 4th subject) 20% 50,400 2,30,600 3.25-3.34
R6. Total GPA 6.00 of SSC & HSC (with 4th subject) 15% 37,800 2,43,200 3.00-3.24


A.1*. If the student can not achieve his required CGPA for getting Tuition Fee Waiver in a Particular Semester after enrollment in BA (Hons.) in English Program, he/she will be eligible for the CGPA based waiver which he/she qualifies.

B. Other (Special) Tuition Fee Waivers:

Other Tuition Fee Waiver may be offered by ASAUB-

S1. Freedom Fighter Tuition Fee Waiver * 100%

S2. ASA / ASAUB staff, tribal, disabled Tuition Fee Waiver * 30%

S3. ASA Member Tuition Fee Waiver (subject to minimum tenure of membership and minimum CGPA):


Tuition Fee Waiver (%)

* Required CGPA

5 years

100% *


4 years

80% *


3 years

50% *


2 years

30% *


S4. Other Micro Finance Institutions Member Tuition Fee Waiver 20% *

S5. Siblings / Spouse Tuition Fee Waiver 20% (each 20%)

S6. Female Student Tuition Fee Waiver * 10%


B.1. * The students of S1, S2, S4, S5, and S6 must maintain at least CGPA 3.00

B.2. * The students of S3 must maintain the required CGPA mentioned above

B.3. * The student will be eligible for only one category tuition fee waiver benefit.

Semester Wise Payment Plan:

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ASAUB reserves the right to incorporate, change, modify and delete any content laid down in this Tuition Fee Waiver Policy.