Admission Test Schedule ( Fall'17 ):

Particulars Programs Date & Time
Admission Test MBA(R) 18th August, Friday(at 11.00 am), 2017
Admission Test BBA 19th August, Saturday(at 3.00 pm), 2017
LLB(Hon's) & BA(Hon's) in English 19th August, Saturday(at 11.00 am), 2017
Spot Interview & Admission MBA(Ex), MA in English Literature(1 Year),MA in ELT(1 Year), LLM(1 Year),MPH(R),MPH(F) & BSS(Hon's) in Applied Sociology Everyday Up to 26th August, 2017
Spot Interview & Admission B.Pharm(Hon' s) Everyday up to 30thSeptember, 2017