Seminar on 'Jago Tarunno Rukho Jongibad '

Suchinta Foundation organized a seminar on 11 October, 2018 at ASA University Bangladesh entitled 'Jago Tarunno Rukho Jongibad ' as a regular part of its activities to develop public awareness against terrorism. Fahmi Gulandaz Babel, Honorable Parliamentary member of Mymensingh 10, Prof. Dr. Dalem Chandra Barman, Honorable Vice Chancellor of ASA University Bangladesh, Quantara Khan, Director of Suchinta Foundation, Engineer Mahbubur Rahhman Helal, Secretary of Water Resources, Central Executive Parliamentary Body, Awami Voluntary League attended the seminar.

Faculty members, administrative officials and students of different departments were also present in the program.

The Editor of Jobbar Hossen, Aj Sara Bela conducted the Seminar.

The Speakers expressed in the seminar a common view: Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam does not allow antiterrorism. In order to remove terrorism from the society, state including all people of the society must be aware of it.

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