Career prospects:

Education in Public Health prepares the students for a broad range of careers in health and beyond in related areas, including education, research, nutrition, policy making, urban planning, community mobilization and other development areas.

Public Health Laboratory:

It is very much pertinent to develop efficient Public Health Specialists in order to strengthen theoretical knowledge through practical experiences in terms of learning by doing and learning by demonstration. In view of this, Department established a laboratory with necessary equipment and specimen to enable the students for exercising skill in handling Public Health problems..

Infrastructural Facilities:

ASAUB provides its students with a clean, spacious and centrally air-conditioned campus with modern facilities. The classes are supported by overhead projectors, multimedia and computer lab. It has got a specious conference on the 9th floor of its campus which is open for all sorts of academic and cultural programs. ASAUB has unlimited internet access for the faculties, staff and students. A permanent campus is under construction on a land of more than 6 bighas at Ashutia, Turag, Dhaka.

Institutional Visit:

Institutions are identified with a social purpose, transcending individuals and intentions by mediating the rules that govern cooperative living behavior. As structures and mechanisms of social order, institutions are one of the principal objects of study in Public Health. Visiting of formal organizations of public and private services facilitates the students in learning by doing and develops skill in the management of organizations of Public Health interest.


ASAUB Library has over 15 thousand volumes, over 1,200 current journals and serials, and an extensive collection of electronic resources, and other nonprinting formats, rank as one of the top academic library in the country. The Centre for Socio Economic Research of ASAUB publishes its biannual journal " ASA University Review" regularly.

Computer Lab:

ASAUB has got rich computer laboratory facilities accessible to students supported by 3 powerful servers, 20 Mbps bandwidth connected to the BTCL fiber optic backbone of the submarine cable.