Evaluation Procedure of Courses:

In MPH degree program, evaluation consists of class participation, regular homework, and assignments, take-home examination, seminar presentation, class test / quiz, mid-term and semester final examinations. Class test / quiz may be substituted in some courses by oral presentations or critical analysis of reports.

Marks Distribution:

Marks Distribution Total Marks


Continuous Assessment(30)

Mid Term(30)

Semester Final(40)

Class test(10)

Visit / Labrotory Work(05)

Class Attendance(05)




Evaluation Procedure of Dissertation:

The students will submit Dissertation proposals to the department in writing followed by power point presentation in front of faculties for approval of the titles. Each of the students will be placed under a guide teacher for conduction of research. Individual student will then submit the draft report along with approval certificate from the guide teacher to the department for reviewing the draft report. After review, the draft copy will be returned to the student for final corrections and student will again submit four copies of report to the department seven days before the schedule of defense. Each student will appear before a three to four member evaluation committee for oral examination as part of defense of his / her dissertation.

Marks Distribution of Dissertation:

Marks Distribution of Dissertation Total Marks

Proposal submission and presentation(50)

Final report submission(50)