Faculty Members: :

Advisor (Honorary) :

Advisors comprised of professors from the University of Dhaka and abroad and international policy experts, and faculty members.

  • Prof. Dr. Mahbub Uddin Ahmed (PhD, Canada).
  • Prof. Dr. Syeda Zakia Hossain (PhD, Australia).
  • Prof. Dr. Nurul Islam (PhD, India).
  • Dr. Shah Ehsan Habib (PhD, Australia).
  • Prof. Dr. Mobasser Monem (PhD, UK).
  • Prof. Dr. Taibur Rahman (PhD, Hong Kong).
  • Dr. Moin Ahmed (PhD, China).
  • Dr. Khalid Hasan (MBA, PhD).
  • Mr. A.K.M. Nasirul Haque.


Professor Dr. Nilufar Begum Nilu
PhD,JU.Chairman,Dept.of Applied Sociology,

Rowshan Ara Romke
Sr.Lecturer & Coordinator

BSS in Government and Politics, 2004 and MSS in Government and Politics, 2005 form Jahangirnagar University. She is doing PhD on 'Impact of Online Social Networking in Politics' from Jahangirnagar University.

Fatema Tania

BSS in Anthropology, 2006 and M SS in Anthropology, 2007 from University of Dhaka. Ms. Fatema Tania is been doing M. Phil in Anthropology in the field of "Life and Living of Santal Women of Dinajpur" from University of Dhaka.

Nasrin Zahan
Sr. Lecturer

BSS in Sociology (1997) and MSS in Sociology (1998) from University of Dhaka. Ms.Zahan has done M.Phil in 2011 in the field of -Reproductive Rights & Womens Health-form University of Dhaka.