Computer Lab Rules & Regulations

The Students of ASA University Bangladesh are advised to strictly follow the under-mentioned rules and regulations:

  1. Students must show their valid ID cards before entering the computer lab
  2. Students are not allowed to carry any Laptop/Desktop and IT related equipment inside the lab.
  3. Guests, food, drinks, smoking, sleeping and gossiping are not allowed in the computer lab.
  4. Eating and drinking inside the computer lab are strictly prohibited
  5. Movement of chair from one table to another is strictly prohibited in the lab.
  6. It is strictly prohibited to disconnect or steal any computer cable (network, mouse, keyboard, monitor, power) from the computers of the lab and from the power supply (both monitor and computer power supply cables). Do NOT unplug the network cable from the university computers.
  7. The university is not responsible for any loss or damage of the students (or anyone else 's) personal belongings.
  8. Playing any game/Facebooking in the lab is strictly prohibited.
  9. All students should primarily use the computers provided by the university to access academic matters.
  10. The lab equipment should not be used for any illegal activity. Copying/downloading/sharing/playing pirated media is strictly prohibited.
  11. Before leaving the lab, users must close all programs properly and keep the desktop blank.
  12. If any IT related problem arises, please bring it to the notice of the IT Officer

If any student violates the above rules & regulations, stern disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.