Computing Services

We understand that everyone does not have access to a computer at home, so we have provided a large computer lab situated in fourth floor of the university. The students will have access to a high-speed computer network supplying a wide range of information resources and software applications. Friendly staff is always available to guide and help with computing and provide relevant information supported by workshops and seminars. We also provide a wide range of software for creating course works. These include word-processing, spreadsheet, database and graphics packages. Every student has his/her own email address and online access to advising and registration, lecture notes, assessment and course information. Wireless connection to the internet or email account is possible at several sites across the university so that a student can be flexible about where s/he will work with her/his own laptop. Many of the students will be competent IT users, but if s/he has any gap in her/his knowledge or does not feel comfortable using computers, we offer courses on IT skills, word processing, email and internet throughout the year. We also have supervisors in the labs at hand to help her/him with any problem. The computer rooms have long opening hours in the evenings and at weekends. With conveniently located computer rooms, easy access to printing and photocopying, a student can study in comfortable and convenient surroundings throughout her/his time in ASAUB.