M.A. in English (Literature) and MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT

Program Objectives

The Department of English offers the program, M. A. in English, not only to familiarize the students with the intellectual exercises that the western creative writers have made over the centuries but also to produce learners as well-groomed professionals both for teaching as well as for jobs at national and international levels. The aim behind M.A. in the stream of Applied Linguistics and ELT (English Language Teaching) is to bring out competent English teachers for secondary, higher secondary and tertiary levels. This program will also benefit those who wish to improve their language proficiency for professional use as writers, service-holders, educationalists, businessman, diplomats, translators, journalists, etc.

Nature of the Program

M. A. in English is a program of 30 Credit Hours spread over 3 Semesters in 1 year. Students from two directions i.e. from both B. A. (Hons) in English and M. A. (Preliminary) in English will study M. A. in English. Students with B. A. (Hons) and M.A. (Preliminary) in English from any recognized University will read for 1 year to obtain M. A. There will be 2 streams in M. A.:

  • M. A. in English and
  • M. A. in Applied Linguistics and ELT (English Language Teaching)

Features of the Courses

The students admitted to M. A. will choose either M.A. in English which means English literature i.e. English, American and other literatures, or M. A. in Applied Linguistics and ELT. In other words, the courses for M. A. in English are designed to develop the literary, critical and analytical insights in the student so that s/he may pursue higher studies in this line or may devote himself to professions requiring these insights. The courses on Applied Linguistics and ELT are designed to develop the theoretical and practical knowledge of teaching English Language at any level and of pursuing research and higher studies in this line. On the whole, a Master degree holder from either stream will be capable of teaching both language and literature and of discharging services where such knowledge, intellectual abilities and expertise are required. It may be mentioned here that the students of M. A. in English shall also read two courses on ELT and those of M. A. in Applied Linguistics and/or ELT or shall read two courses on literature so that, in case of necessity and situation, they can do either teaching or job requiring the knowledge and skills of English.

One distinguishing feature of our way of imparting the courses is that it is mandatory for the students to write at least one Term Paper in each course and to appear at Viva-Voce at the end of each Semester Final examination on all the courses taught in that Semester. In this program, Dissertation is also a compulsory course which, as expected, will make the student bring out his best in the form of writing on a particular area of research.

Admission Requirement

A student obtaining B. A (Hons) or M. A. (Preliminary) in English from ASA University Bangladesh or any recognized university and having no third class at S.S.C. or H.S.C. or equivalent levels will be eligible for admission into this program.