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Who we are:

Law Club, ASAUB is the only club of the department of law of ASA University Bangladesh. It has established for the enhancement of the law students. The aim of the club is to give our members the information and skills, they need to go on and be successful within the legal profession.

What we do:

The Law club, ASAUB aims to enrich the law students to a great extent. It is the primary association for the students of law of ASAUB. The Law club, ASAUB provides the law department community with a variety of events, activities and programs including social events and educational support, mooting and skills competitions, career events, sporting functions and initiatives that inspire students to use law as an instrument for social change.

We aim to provide following activities for the law students:

  • Mooting
  • Debate
  • Seminars
  • Voluntary Work
  • Court Visit
  • Industry Visit
  • Preparation for Bar Exam
  • Counseling
  • Exhibition
  • Freshers Reception
  • Public Speaking

  • Our Mission:

    To enhance the potential of law students.

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